Evolution. Passion. Growth. Natoni

Darren and Danielle Natoni are all about optimizing the lives of others from fitness and nutrition, to speaking and family. We set out to craft a versatile mark that can be used for both of their respective sub-brands and also represent their drive for transforming the lives of others.
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Mood into motion

It was clear from the beginning where Darren and Danielle wanted to take their brand. Although popular fitness and sports brands aren’t competitors for Natoni, they certainly set the tone we were looking for.
moodboard natoni

 the concepts

We set out to create a mark that is simple, clean, yet powerful. The mark should be easily recognizable, and also have the ability to represent the Natoni’s respective sub-brands: Darren Natoni and Danielle Natoni.

Concept 1

concept 1 natoni

Concept 2

concept 2 natoni

Concept 3

concept 3 natoni

We crushed it!

After several rounds of revisions, we found that we needed to go back to the drawing board. We took a step back, then lunged forward with the mark that hit the bulls-eye.

“Unfold delivered for us in a BIG way. Their creativity, patience, and integrity in creating the visual identity for our brand blew us away. We look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Darren Natoni
CEO at Natoni

A brand is more than a logo

Behind every great logo, there’s an even greater brand behind it. We crafted the new Natoni logo to represent everything that Natoni stands for: Love, growth, freedom, and determination.
brand attributes natoni

We dug deep

We reinforced the logo with extensive research to understand the potential of the Natoni brand. Once that was complete, the logo was applied to various brand related elements to help visually capture Natoni.
mockup notebook & tags natoni
natoni reveal