The future of home tours

Matterport is a reality capture system that gives people an interactive 3D experience that gives them the ability to step into a home, office, building without actually being there. The possibilities are virtually endless. We were there to redesign their website using strategy, iconography, motion design, and 3D animation.

  • Strategy
  • Iconography
  • Motion
  • Web
  • 3D

Moodboard to set the tone

mp moodboards

The blueprints

Just like every great building needs blueprints to be properly built, we created the style guide and concepts for Matterport to be properly built.

mp strategy and guide

Bespoke, next level icons

We set out to create outstanding icons that match the innovative spirit of Matterport. Peeling back the layers and diving in, we drafted up 20 icons to visually communicate the unique features of their system. The result was a set of fresh icons with a whole new dimension.

mp color guide
mp icons before after

Bringing it all home

Mobile users are now in the lead when it comes to browsing the internet, and we accounted for that. All of our hard work and planning lead to this, a beautiful website that’s easy to navigate and works great on any device: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

mp compete website
website complete mp

Interactive design

Seeing a finished product design is one thing, but we took it a step further and created an experience. Bringing life to our designs, we animated various interactions to better understand the performance and effectiveness of our designs.

matterport camera animation