CRM system done right

Kizen gives sales, marketing, and service teams of any size an edge by connecting all your data. We helped advance Kizen a step closer to becoming the best CRM ever.

  • App
  • Design System
  • Iconography
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Web

“Unfold is an incredible team of true artists that create designs and experiences that people love and that drive marketing results. To me, Unfold is one of the top design agencies around today.”

John Winner

CEO of Design at Kizen

Design System

Consistency in design is important for a good user experience. In order to
keep the design consistent, we began the task of building out a design system.

UI Elements

From selecting the right CTA colors, to responsive views; We designed the every single element with efficiency in mind. All elements were strategically placed so all users could use the tool most effectively.

Bold Marketing

Once we finalized the backend of the user experience and visuals, we set forth to redesigning the marketing site and applying the improved product UI/UX throughout, while keeping the current user base and competitors in mind.

A more efficient landing

Taking advantage of negative space paired with the beautiful new interface, we’re allowing the product  to speak for itself. Showing simplicity and innovation in all aspects from usability to pricing.

Visuals that turn heads

First impressions will not be the last impressions. These graphics are carefully crafted to dramatically enhance the appeal of Kizen and convey a deep level of trust and admiration at first glance.

kizen triangle
all your data illustration kizen

Structuring the components

Let’s not overlook the importance of giving users a proper experience all the way through. We focused heavily on how all these elements come together and form components that generously guide the user down the pipeline.

Smarty Pants

Kizen’s innovative, smart artificial intelligence software is pretty revolutionary, however it lacked personality. We set out to visualize Zoe™ as a character and as a stand alone symbol that users will relate to.