Connect through journalism

IJR is a place in which people can get both sides of any story. It’s tough to get unbiased news these days, but it’s important to stay informed. IJR offers a comfortable experience for folks who want to hear what their people are saying; or for anyone looking to hear an informed opinion from the other side. This is our journey with IJR.

  • App
  • Branding
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Web


IJR invited Unfold to assist them redesign their desktop and mobile site. They wanted a gamification strategy implemented to entice new (sign ups/ users to sign up), and to encourage active users to interact more. We began with a sprint session, followed by a feature screen document to assign features to certain pages. A mood board was then developed for the visual direction.

Plan from the start

The wireframe stage is the most crucial part of any web design project. Collaborating with the IJR team, we quickly find layout and navigation solutions by creating these lo-fi wires.

Target audience

IJR wants to reach the younger folks. The snappier generation that’s well versed in the latest technology, and doesn’t go with the flow.

Younger and more tech savvy. Loves interaction
Full of energy, like to explore and try new things
Trend setters, people who take leadership. Responsible and reliable.
Loud and strong. Vocal about their opinions. Want to get involved.

Custom elements

Simple and clean. We came up with a set of custom elements for IJR that aren’t a bore, while also maintaining a sense of professionalism. The color palette isn’t over-the-top, but has enough character to pop a little.


Widgets & hovers


Definitely a one-of-a-kind project, we worked with IJR on making a more interactive news-reading experience. Taking elements of social media – badges, rep, points, shares, likes – and injecting them into a platform for journalists makes for a fresh way to learn about what’s going on in the world today. Keep up with like minded people, or challenge your own thoughts – IJR will provide a platform that makes information intake unique to each individual.

Custom badges

Website design

Part news hub, part social network – the website we designed for IJR is like no other. Made to allow the user to build their own experience, while also giving the option to see what others are reading and reacting to. Connect with like-minded individuals, or challenge yourself to a new way of thinking – either option is made easy through a simple and straightforward user experience.

Mobile friendly

There’s no way around it – having a mobile friendly website is a must. The entire IJR that’s available on your desktop has been perfectly fitted to work on any mobile device.

Motion is a
thousand pictures

Envisioning the user interaction is vital to the success of the design. We took a few steps further and really determined the micro-interactions on their main homepage.

ijr tablet animation