Making social fundraising,
well… fun!

CrowdRise is a daughter company of the popular service GoFundMe. While GoFundMe focuses on person to person fundraising, CrowdRise is oriented towards major events. Unfold was tasked with designing their website, and building out a style that fit their brand.

  • App
  • Marketing
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Web

Finding the artistic style

CrowdRise challenged us to come up with a style that was both unique and playful, while keeping a professional, corporate feel. The team got together to experiment with different concepts, and built our way to the style now seen.

cr people holding world
cr sketch people running

Generously colorful

To keep the illustrations visually captivating and fun, we decided to use a generous amount of color to really make them pop. Using a combination of vivid colors and gradients accomplished that effect.

Packages and features




cr icon sketch before

Marketing site

The next part of our project was to design the marketing site with the illustrations in mind. We started with mockups to make sure that the illustrations fit right and made any adjustments necessary. When everything was approved, we designed 12 pages in total so that there was no visual overload.

cr wireframes with bg elements

Now, bring it together

Once the marketing site was mocked up, designed, and ready to go, we added our illustrations. The two went together like PB&J.

cr illustrations on website
crowdrise 4 images full screen
cr info 1
cr info 2
cr info 3

It’s all about the details

The beauty is always in the little things like details. We took our designs a step further and added interactive animations that match the vibe to make it much more interesting.

Working with Unfold was truly a pleasure. They provide world-class design talent – their work speaks for itself. They are great partners and highly flexible. Communicating and collaborating with them were a breeze. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with Unfold.

Justin McAuley
Head of product